As a religious experience, a father-son relationship between God and humans was known from the beginning, and has been growing, through the course of history. The father-son relationship is clearly unfolded in the mystical experience of Jesus throughout his life and very especially in his foundational God- experience at his baptism. The mystical experience of Jesus took place in baptism (Mk 1:9-11) an event narrated by all the evangelists as the beginning of the ministry of Jesus. This interior, permanent and evolving event is enshrined and conveyed in a complex of beautiful and powerful symbols. As Jesus stood in prayer after his baptism in the Jordan, he saw the heavens torn open, he saw the spirit descending upon him he heard a voice from heaven saying, “Thou art my Son, my Beloved, on thee my favor rests” (Mk 1:10-11). This voice had a profound impact on him and allowed him to live always as the Chosen Son of God. It was for Jesus, an experience of being gathered up, accepted, loved and graced by his beloved Father. “Thou art my Son” was a creative word constituting him, in an altogether new manner, what he already was, namely God’s Beloved Son.

Jesus experiencing the belovedness of Abba, enabled to gain a new strength to withstand the temptations of the devil in the desert, to stand before those who criticized him, and to those who persecuted him. There were times Jesus was despised or rejected, but he kept on saying, others will leave me alone, but my Father will not leave me alone and I am the beloved Son of God. His whole life was continually claiming that identity in the midst of challenging realities. Abba calls Jesus “my beloved Son,” when Jesus stood in solidarity with the oppressed children of God.

Today it is possible to experience Jesus calling us every moment as his “beloved children,” when we renew our baptismal commitment in faith, listen to Jesus in prayer and respect the dignity of every person, and love every poor person as our brothers and sisters.