One day, Mother Theresa saw a poor girl on the street, who looked hungry. So she fed her with a slice of bread. The little girl hesitantly took the bread and started eating crumb by crumb as she looked at Mother Theresa with fear in her eyes. Mother Theresa asked her to eat the bread and not worry about anything. The little girl responded, “I’m scared that once this slice of bread is over, I will be hungry again.”

This is reality in today’s world. Hunger, poverty and sicknesses are problems that need immediate attention. But what is more important from our end is to mete out kindness to the less privileged just like how Mother Theresa did. Her humility combined with her devotion to work towards the well-being of the poor is a direct inheritance of the qualities of our Beloved Mother Mary.

The most Blessed Virgin Mary has always been symbolic of love and kindness. When the wedding party at Cana had run out of wine, Mary took pity on them and instructed Jesus to perform his first miracle, even though he momentarily hesitated. This was an act of selflessness and kindness towards her kith and kin. It was this selfless act of kindness that reminds us that Mary would intercede for us to her son our Lord Jesus Christ in prayer.

Our Mother was devoted to God and obeyed his commands diligently. She was pregnant when she was about to be engaged to Joseph according to the will of God. She obeyed and was willing to take the risk of bearing the Son of Man in her womb.

Mother Mary teaches us lessons for life. With today’s world being highly competitive and with fellow humans being ruthless with each other, her lesson towards kindness is an important take away for the younger generation today.

15th of August, is the feast of the Assumption of Our Mother. With Mother Mary being an embodiment of peace, humility and kindness, It is only fitting that we praise and thank her for the kindness showered upon this world on this holy day.

- Hugh Conan Doyle