A New Year begins with the dawn of a new era. New Year’s Day was meant for New Year resolutions. New Year’s Day was meant for good food, fireworks and celebrations. New Year’s Day was meant to bring happiness.

But 2021 was different. When the clock struck 12, on the 1st of January, 2021, we woke up with hope. With the hope that we do not have to be wearing masks anymore. We woke up with the hope that we needn’t work from home anymore. We woke up with the hope that children can go to school and socialize with other students.

That hope; stems from nothing but prayer.

The Novel Coronavirus wreaked havoc in each and every one of our lives. The princely world we once lived in; where we feared none but the cops when we occasionally over sped in our cars, has now become a living nightmare. People were dying, hospital beds were full and countries ran short of doctors to treat patients. Nations blamed each other, political parties blamed each other and so did world leaders. Jobs and lives were lost, while relationships were strained. Vast majority of people across the globe were left in the lurch with no light at the end of the tunnel.

Dear Friends, now is the time for introspection. Now is the time for humanity to come together as a whole and ensure we stay united. Now is the time for us Christians, to pray together and stay together. As Jesus himself said, “Daughter, your faith has made you well” in Mark 5: 34, it is time for us to be united in prayer and strengthen our faith. We cannot let our faith be vulnerable to testing times. Faith in God instills hope. Hope for the better of mankind.

So what can I do to help? Charity begins at home; so does faith. Let’s start praying each day, before every meal; before we go to bed; before we begin our school day; before we begin our day’s work. Let’s come together and pray together as a family and TRUST the Lord Almighty up above. Let’s start praying the rosary each night. Let’s start with at least a decade. The Blessed Holy Virgin Mary is always willing to intercede for us. Let us seek Her holy intercession and ask for God’s kindness to mankind.

Let us pray for all those selfless first responders, those working in hospitals and on the field working hard to ensure we lead a safe and healthy life risking their own lives. Let us pray for our near and dear ones so they may stay safe. Let us pray for our parents and elders so that they may lead a healthy life during this uncharacteristic pandemic season.

Healing requires prayer. Prayer strengthens our faith and in turn gives us hope. So in this New Year 2021, let us make a resolution to overcome this unmanned onslaught through prayer and faith in God. Faith in God can move the mountains; trust in him can calm the sea.

Wish you a Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year 2021.