What is prayer? If we ask this question to a group of people, we'll get a lot of different answers from them. We're all Catholics so we look at Lord Jesus Christ's life. He is a good example for us. When we start reading the Bible, we'll get the exact answers for following questions.

How was he praying to the Lord?

What did Jesus do while praying?

If we keep praying what will happen to us?

1) How Jesus prayed to the Lord:

1. If you read Bible (Mark 1:35): In the MORNING while it was VERY DARK, he got up and went out to a desert place, and there he prayed.

2. Read Matthew 14:23: In the EVENING he went up the mountain by himself to pray.

So, Jesus prayed early in the morning and evening. Now, we come to our daily life, how many of us pray both morning and evening? It's a very big question in our life.

2) What did Jesus do when he prayed

1. Read Luke 22:41, Matthew 6:16 and Luke 22:44, Jesus knelt down while praying. He did fasting and praying. And, with full courage, he prayed to God.

3) Some of us can say, I am a super busy man, so I can't pray daily. I would like to tell about two persons here.

1. DANIEL - Not only did he held a high position (equivalent to prime minister), he prayed THREE TIMES a day.

2. QUEEN ELIZABETH - she fasted and prayed continuously for three days without eating and drinking.

4) How to pray to God?

1. Matthew 7:7,8 says: ask it will be given you;

2. Matthew 21:22 says: whatever you ask for in prayer with faith, you will receive.

3. James 4:2 says: you do not have because you do not ask.

Now, a quickly about Annal, the Bible says that Annal prayed until she got the answer for her prayer.

5) Read the above, some of us might think that we pray to God every day, do fasting prayer, and we always pray with full faith. And, would still complain that we did not get what we wanted.

In this case, you must read, Mark 11:25 "Whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone; so that your father in heaven may also forgive you, your trespasses".

Do you have anything against others? or are you unable to forgive others for what they might have done? Read Mark 11:25 over and over. I can tell that you'll see the enormous difference in your life. After that where ever you go, you'll be a good precedent to others.

Eventually, we're living in the diminutive world. No one knows when our path is going to end, and at the same time we don't know how our life is going to be in the future. So in the very short life, leave imprudent thinking and complaining about others. Whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them. Keep praying everyday.

From now on, please try to always kneel down and pray to God. If you're not comfortable fasting and praying, try doing it once a month. Once comfortable try on weekly.

With the fullest faith, ask whatever you want from our almighty God.

You will get an answer immediately from our sweet God.

Be happy today and always remain so.