Rosary is the most powerful tool which has been given to us. The benefits of saying rosary are endless, it brings peace and calm which cannot be explained by science.The mysteries that we say teach the life of Jesus. Pope John Paul added luminous mysteries in 2002 which explains the public life of Jesus.I never understood the power of rosary until later in life, I said rosary because I was asked to say. I was not someone who said rosary everyday. I have been told by many to introduce rosary to my kids and do rosary everyday but I never took any of that seriously, but I did it whenever I could especially during summer when there is more relaxing time for the kids.

We use to visit mother Mary’s grotto to say the rosary when kids were little. Only much later I understood how peaceful and happy those days of my life was.I did not realize how much it had helped my family. Passing our belief’s and tradition to our kids is the greatest challenge that we parents face these days. The only way our kids are learn is by seeing what we do. No matter how much we advise them, they learn by imitating us in the beginning and later develop a strong bond with our lady.

My older son says the rosary everyday at bed time with my mom. This is not something I am asking him to do but it comes to him naturally. He says that it gives him peace. This is one of our many gifts. During the most difficult time in our lives, chanting the rosary calms us and brings us an unexplained sense of peace which I have personally experienced.

When I was in the hospital next to my dad. I did rosary most of the time especially when I was very worried. The only prayer that you can do during distress is rosary, It has its own way of calming our minds and giving us the strength to go through difficulties in life.Saying rosary is therapeutic and healing, it gives peace of mind and also comforts us. The benefits of saying the rosary are endless but no words will do justice, one has to experience it personally.

Rosary is a blessing given to us by our mother, hope we all enjoy the goodness of it.