This is the MOST significant moment in the history of creation. Something GOD had planned for before creation, was created (Ephesians 1:4). GOD risked his Divinity for this single moment in time. HE chose a Virgin, preserved her from original sin, prophesized thousands of years ago about this moment, talked about it through every prophet. The world was made ready for this moment; creation waited for this moment; GOD waited for this moment;


GOD forgot one small detail; HE forgot to make a reservation in a hotel so HIS only begotten Son can be born safe and sound !!!

There was no midwife to help; there was no clean room; no clean crib; the savior of the world, the promised ONE, the most HOLY ONE, is born in the most callous place; a place where animals eat, sleep and defecate; a place exposed to cold and heat and dirt and dust.

We can only imagine the pain and passion our Mother would have gone through. At a time, when child birth was literally a dance with death, this young mother is forced to undertake an arduous journey. A journey which would have taken four to seven days, on foot and on donkey, in severe heat and in terrible cold, on sand and on stone, from dawn to dusk, in pain.

We can only imagine the pain and passion our Father would have gone through. Forced to watch his beloved wife suffer at the most precarious of times. We can easily picture him running from one inn to another knocking, pleading, begging for a room, for help, all the while helplessly watching his wife in pain. What a sense of failure he would have suffered, unable to provide for their family.

What kind of a Divine providence is this ? How can GOD be just a messy planner ? How can he be so unkind and unjust to those people who lived every breath of their life for HIM. I would not blame Mother Mary if she cried in angst against such an unjust scheme of events. After all, it was GOD’s child who was at risk.

But NO.

There are no cries, no complaints, no sighs, no raising the fist at heaven, no demanding of answers, no searching for blame, no searching for reasons for such a terrible luck.

HOLY SPIRIT tells us, there was only one thing She did:

Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart. - Luke 2 : 19

In silence, in the depths of her heart and soul, a place so deep and so private that no one could see: a place where GOD lives.


Give us the grace and the blessing of silence, when life seems so unjust Give us the grace to turn to the depths of our hearts, when all seems lost Give us the grace to ponder your mercy and kindness, when we are in pain Give us the grace to fulfil the sole purpose of our life: to live with YOU in the depths of our heart and soul.


- Dinesh Bakiaraj