1. Buy gifts for family members
2. Prepare cake /snacks for guests
3. Join the carols
4. Buy new dress for christmas eve
5. Decorate the christmas tree
6. Book the hotel/flight for christmas holidays

Our checklists are usually like these… We are good at planning the celebrations. But what are we celebrating really ? Is it just a tradition that came from our parents/school we are holding onto ?

Its time to take few minutes off our daily routine and reflect on this. Jesus arrived in the world in a very humble manner and taught us how to live the christian life. Christmas and Easter are the two events that act like the checkpoints in a year to fine-tune our christian lives. While we are welcoming Jesus in our heart and home, we also need to think about where we are with his preachings. Are we better aligned this year, how can we improve for the next year. Nobody can say, I’m already there and nothing to improve further. It can be sharing your talents/resources more. Or it can be forgiving others. Or it can be keeping the Heavenly Father in front of your daily activities. When you realize where you are and work towards the improvement of your spiritual life, your heart is filled with Joy. That’s the joy you want to radiate this christmas. Don’t forget to add this to the top of your check-list.

Merry Christmas!